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Remote Online Notarization (RON) 101:

What to Know About the Technology Enabling Remote Digital Mortgage Closings

This guide is for leading lenders seeking to seize the future of mortgage closings using eNotarization technology.


The future of mortgage closings is remote. And that future is now, owing to wide-ranging acceptance of RON by counterparties and investors, as well as improved clarity around technology requirements from MISMO. RON is faster than in-person mortgage closings, offering a better experience for the borrower and higher efficiency for the lender.

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What’s in the Book

  • Notarization in a Digital World. Learn about the various pathways for eNotarizing mortgage closings
  • How RON Works. Navigate the regulatory and legal landscape that determines the e-Eligibility of your loan portfolio
  • Benefits of RON. Build a business case for RON by better understanding key benefits lenders realize by adopting the technology
  • Getting Started with RON. Take the first steps towards gaining stakeholder buy-in and planning implementation in lending and settlement operations
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“The ultimate goal is a complete end-to-end digital solution for the borrower. Snapdocs has helped us make significant improvements to the borrower’s experience, expanding beyond a digital point of sale to using eVault to sign the note. There’s very little of the closing left that requires a wet-sign.”

Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer at Assurance Financial

Take your first steps towards RON by first implementing one efficient digital process for every closing–wet, hybrid, and eClose with RON.