How Leading Lenders Use Digital Closings to Solve Their Biggest Pain Points


It’s no secret that today’s mortgage lenders face a litany of challenges and pain points, including rising loan costs, margin erosion, talent attraction and retention, a hyper-competitive landscape, and evolving consumer expectations. One of the biggest areas for improvement is the mortgage closing, where so much time, manual work, and stress can be found for all parties involved. 

As a result, lenders are turning to technology and adopting digital closings. In this webinar, Credit Union Home Mortgage Solutions (CUHMS), Assurance Financial, and Freddie Mac discuss the pain points that lenders are experiencing, how digital closings solve these challenges, and how digital closings help lenders run a more competitive and efficient business.

What you’ll learn

  • What pain points CUHMS and Assurance Financial faced with the mortgage closing
  • How digital closings improve the closing process for lenders, settlement agents, and borrowers
  • The ROI and results that CUHMS and Assurance Financial have seen from digital closings

Watch the on-demand webinar.


Operations Manager at CreditUnion Home Mortgage Solutions

Sarah Endicott

Operations Manager at Credit
Union Home Mortgage Solutions
Chief Digital Officerat Assurance Financial

Katherine Campbell

Chief Digital Officer
at Assurance Financial
eMortgage Program Leadat Freddie Mac

Rajasekhar Penugonda

eMortgage Program Lead
at Freddie Mac
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Channel Marketing
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