Evergreen Home Loans Shares How They Will Achieve 5,000+ Hybrid Closings in 2019


While most lenders struggle to get digital closings off the ground and never do more than 50 eClosings a month, Evergreen Home Loans has stood out with their incredible success. They’ve rolled out digital closings to all of their 65 offices and to over 1,000 settlement agents in six months. Plus, they’re doing thousands of hybrid closings.

Hear from Evergreen Home Loans and one of their settlement partners, Chicago Title Insurance Company, share their digital closing success story and get advice on how you can succeed too. 

What you’ll learn

  • Why Evergreen Home Loans was one of the earliest adopters of digital closings
  • How Evergreen Home Loans selected an eClosing platform
  • Why Evergreen Home Loans started with hybrid closings, instead of full eClosings
  • How Evergreen Home Loans successfully rolled out digital closings across all their branches in less than six months
  • What Chicago Title’s experience was like when adopting digital closings

Watch the on-demand webinar.


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