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Snapdocs powers homeownership.

Join our team, and help us make mortgage closings fast, secure, transparent, and error-free.


Today at Snapdocs, we’re working to perfect mortgage closings. If we succeed, more than five million families per year will gain simplicity and transparency as they make the biggest financial decision of their lives: buying a home.

Before we existed, nobody had the unique position within the real estate space to address the problems we’re solving. It’s complex and difficult work, and we measure success by how we’re impacting the industry and not by the number of headlines we generate.

Instead, we’re making a difference and carefully building a team that shares our priorities—pragmatism, respect and empathy for our clients, and building honest products that improve our users’ lives. I hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey.

– Aaron King, Founder & CEO


The principles that guide us

Be Empathetic

We understand and respect the people of the mortgage business. We aim to understand the various struggles of each role, and to improve their lives.

Be Pragmatic

We build for the future while anchoring our product in today. We strive to make an immediate difference in people’s lives over innovating as a technical exercise.

Be Authentic

We’re true to ourselves. We lead with intent, we’re honest, we do the right thing.

Be Innovative

We do more with less by being creative about our resources to reach a thoughtful goal. This means we’re always curious about the end result we’re targeting and seeking innovative ways to get there.

Be a Team Player

We care about the success of others on our team, both internally and with our clients. We work together to achieve common goals.

Be Results Oriented

We measure the impact of what we do and hold ourselves accountable to results and outcomes.

Whether in the office or over video, we’re a highly collaborative team who likes to have some fun while we work to perfect mortgage closings. Take a peek…

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A conversation with our team

A writer and photographer joined us for a day to talk shop with four team members and observe life at Snapdocs.

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Learn what it’s like to work at Snapdocs from team members past and present.

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Notes from the team

  • “I wanted to join a team where I could help build not only the product, but also the company. And I was so impressed with the people. Aaron has a strong vision, but he’s open to letting others help execute. As a product person, that balance was really important to me.

    Building a product in the real estate space was also exciting to me, because it’s one of the only major industries where technology hasn’t had a big impact.”

    VP of Product
  • “We focus on the problems that are immediately in front of us, where we know we can make a difference, and I think the team is very empathetic to the people who work in this space.

    A lot of companies just want to disrupt things and blow everything up. For us, it’s more about understanding the challenges people are facing and how we can help them do better, faster work and make fewer errors.”

    Software Engineer
  • “I’m helping senior engineers navigate parts of the product as a junior engineer. I’m trusted to contribute and it’s allowed me to grow as an engineer in the ten months that I’ve been here. When I have ideas, folks listen. And if they don’t quite agree with the idea, no one is dismissive. I’ve seen this sentiment show up in our success and efficiency as a team. There’s so much humility because we have to have vulnerable moments with each other all the time. “

    Software Engineer
  • “We have a lot of support to grow our careers the way we want to, leveling up to whatever’s next. I’ve picked up knowledge in engineering, design and marketing just by talking to people around the business. We are our only limitations. So it’s great to be in an environment where our success is based on our own execution and smart planning.”

    Sr. Product Manager
  • “We encourage growth in whatever way makes sense. I have team members who, a year ago, said, “I want to be the best front-end engineer I can be.” Then nine months go by and they say, “I’m finding the back end kind of interesting.” I said, “Great, let’s throw you more stuff over there.” I don’t have to pigeonhole anyone based on a title. We are looking for people to help us build the best product possible. If people’s roles can grow or change within that, then we’ll support it.”

    Bob Sr. Manager, Engineering

You apply, we’ll reply

Hi there! We’re the humans at the other end of Have a question before you apply? Need a gut check? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Clockwise from top: Hannah, Emily, Sam, Greg, Kenny, Kassidy, Suba, Carmela, Stefanie, and Lisette.

Group 162

Job Candidate FAQ

How much impact can I have?

We’ll put it this way: Compared to other large industries, the real estate business is marked not by poor technology, but by a lack of technology. Most of what we’ve built is foundational—and everything that comes next will be, too. We are truly just getting started.

How stable is the business?

We’re currently helping to close more than 13% of all US mortgages, which generates significant revenue for us. We’re also backed by reputable investors, including Sequoia Capital, F-Prime, SV Angel, and Y Combinator.

What’s your business model?

We’re a SaaS company. Our customers span the real estate business, including title companies, settlement services, and lenders.

Can I work remotely?

Yes, indeed! We offer maximum flexibility. We have beautiful offices in downtown SF and Denver if you are nearby and enjoy being in an office environment. We’re also hiring across the US – about a third of the company is outside SF and Denver and fully remote today.

I just graduated from code bootcamp…

Today we’re focused on hiring people with relatively high levels of experience. If this describes you, we encourage you to apply whether you’ve been through a bootcamp or not.

What are your benefits like?

We provide a range of excellent benefits from the standard stuff like 401(k), commuter benefits, and excellent health benefits to the not-so-standard like 4 weeks and a day of vacation, 4% match on your 401(k), and a 10 year exercise window on your options (!!).