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The Definitive Guide to Digital Closings

Get the tools and information you need to successfully adopt digital closings with the mortgage industry’s comprehensive eBook on digital closings.

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Backed by months of research, data, and interviews with top thought leaders, this 100+ page eBook is the ultimate guide on digital closings for anyone in the mortgage industry. Whether you’ve just started learning about digital mortgage closings or you’re in the process of implementing eClosing technology, you’ll find guidance and actionable tips on how to be successful with digital closings.

Hear insights and experiences from your peers and industry experts.

President of ICE Mortgage Services

Christopher McEntee

President of ICE Mortgage Services
COO at Evergreen Home Loans

Tamra Rieger

COO at Evergreen Home Loans
eMortgage Program Lead at Freddie Mac

Rajasekhar Penugonda

eMortgage Program Lead at Freddie Mac
COO at Boston National Title

Nathan Bossers

COO at Boston National Title

Why you need this guide

The number of eMortgages has increased by more than 450% from 2018 to 2019. There’s no denying that digital mortgage closings are taking off, and you need to be prepared. However, digital closings are complex. There are similar-sounding words, contradicting information, and a large number of stakeholders who are at varying points of acceptance. Frankly, it’s all very confusing and overwhelming.

The Definitive Guide to Digital Closings breaks down everything you need to know about digital closings into easy-to-understand pieces, helpful checklists, and targeted advice. It guides you through understanding digital closings and implementing them, so you can set yourself up for success as the industry moves away from slow and painful paper processes to efficient and transparent digital ones.


What you’ll learn

  • How to select the best digital closing solution for your business
  • What lenders need to ask their investors when adopting digital closings
  • How to overcome implementation challenges internally and with your partners
  • Why digital closings are gaining momentum
  • What terms like eClosing, eNote, eNotarization, and eVault mean
  • What the state of digital closing acceptance is in the secondary market
  • And much more

Who this guide is for


See how you can use digital closings to drive repeat and referral business, save time and money, and gain visibility into the closing process.

Settlement agents

Learn how to implement digital closings with your lender clients without taking on additional work.


Find out what information lenders need from you to start doing digital closings and how you can work with them to move forward with digital closings.

Warehouse lenders

Understand how eNotes are impacting you and how you can partner with investors to drive eNote adoption.

Signing agents

Keep up-to-date on how the closing is transforming through digital tools and what this means for the borrower’s experience at the closing table.