What All Lenders Should Know About Digital Closings: Dispelling Myths, Clarifying Terminology, and Understanding Investor Acceptance


With a lot of — and sometimes, contradicting — information on digital closings available, it can be difficult and overwhelming for lenders to figure out what they need to get started. This webinar highlights common myths and misconceptions of digital closings, along with the most important things lenders must know in order to be successful.

You’ll hear from two industry experts, The Mortgage Firm and Falcon Capital Advisors, on how lenders can get immediate value from their investment in digital closings and how lenders should navigate investor acceptance. Armed with this information, lenders will walk away with a clear understanding of digital closings and guidance on how to get started.

What you’ll learn

  • Why it’s imperative for lenders to prioritize digital closings today
  • How digital closings benefit lenders, settlement agents, and borrowers
  • What the three challenges are to industry-wide adoption of digital closings and how to overcome them
  • How lenders can work with their investors to adopt digital closings
  • How lenders can see immediate ROI from digital closings

Watch the on-demand webinar.


SVP of Loan Operationsat The Mortgage Firm

Sheri Nedley

SVP of Loan Operations
at The Mortgage Firm
Managing Director of eMortgage Servicesat Falcon Capital Advisors

Camelia Martin

Managing Director of eMortgage Services
at Falcon Capital Advisors
Content Marketing Managerat Snapdocs

Felicia Chen

Content Marketing Manager
at Snapdocs