Three Phases of eClosings


You want to do eClosings, but how do you actually go from paper closings to fully remote eClosings? In this 20-minute discussion, hear Assurance Financial break down the three steps that take lenders from 100% paper to 100% digital. Assurance Financial also shares why they’ve taken this phased approach to eClosings and what they’ve learned from adopting digital closings.

What you’ll learn

  • Why lenders need to have one consistent process for wet closings, hybrid closings, and eClosings
  • Why Assurance Financial processes wet closings through an eClosing platform
  • How lenders can go from wet closings to eClosings in three phases
  • The obstacles Assurance Financial faced when implementing digital closings
  • How hybrid closings enable lenders to reduce errors, shorten the closing appointment, and improve the borrower’s experience
  • The blockers to industry-wide adoption of remote online notarization
  • How eNotes reduce lenders’ dwell time and enable them to increase their revenue

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