Snapdocs Demo at NEXT Mortgage Conference 2019


One of the biggest obstacles that prevents lenders from scaling digital closings is lack of settlement adoption. In this demo and live Q&A, learn how Snapdocs is uniquely positioned to solve this challenge through an existing network of settlement agents who already use its product, light onboarding, and an intuitive user experience.

What you’ll learn

  • How Snapdocs enables lenders to easily onboard and roll out digital closings to their settlement partners
  • How borrowers can electronically review their documents, ask questions, and eSign documents before the day of the closing
  • How settlement agents access closing documents, set the closing appointment, and schedule a notary through Snapdocs
  • Why digital closing success doesn’t rely just on technology, but also on bringing together the fragmented parties in the closing process
  • Why it’s critical for lenders to have one consistent closing process when working with settlement agents
  • How to navigate the uncertainty around digital closings by digitizing wet closings and building a foundation of hybrid closings
  • How lenders can reduce their dwell time by an average of two days and reduce errors with digital closings

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Operational Strategy Program
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