Leading Lender Forum: How Lenders Can Increase Security and Prevent Fraud With eClosing Technology


Are digital closings secure? Yes, and in fact, they’re more secure than paper closings. Watch security and compliance leaders at myCUmortgage, DocuSign, and Snapdocs break down how features like single sign-on and audit trails make digital closings secure. They share how lenders can select a digital closing vendor that not only meets security standards, but is also forward-thinking and driving innovation in security practices. 

While technology plays a big part in securing sensitive information and documents, education and training is equally important. You’ll also hear these three experts share tips and insights on the role that employees play in protecting borrower information.

What you’ll learn

  • Why digital closings are more secure than paper closings
  • The security features that lenders need to look for in an eClosing platform
  • The security benefits of single sign-on and audit trails
  • How digital closing technology can prevent fraud
  • How to address borrowers’ concerns about the security of digital closings
  • How lenders and settlement agents can follow security best practices to protect sensitive information

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Presidentat myCUmortgage

Tonya Coon

at myCUmortgage
Director of AgreementCloud Strategy Practiceat DocuSign

Lynn Sumlin

Director of Agreement
Cloud Strategy Practice
at DocuSign
Head of InformationSecurity at Snapdocs

Kim Smathers

Head of Information
Security at Snapdocs
Channel MarketingManager at Snapdocs

Emma Miller-Crimm

Channel Marketing
Manager at Snapdocs