Interview With Aaron King, CEO of Snapdocs: How to Solve Digital Closing Adoption Challenges and Bring Value to Lenders


The industry has been talking about digital closings for years. However, digital closings still aren’t widely adopted. Why is that?

Aaron King, CEO and Founder of Snapdocs, breaks it down in this interview with Danielle Fugazy, Contributing Editor at National Mortgage News. Despite what many think, digital closing adoption isn’t a technology challenge. Learn what actually stands in the way of industry-wide adoption and the lesser-known benefits that lenders get from digital mortgage closings.

What you’ll learn

  • The three reasons why digital closing adoption has been slow
  • Why the challenge to digital closing adoption isn’t technology
  • How lenders can get massive operational efficiencies from digital closings
  • How lenders reduce their risk with digital closings

Watch the on-demand video.


Founder and CEOof Snapdocs

Aaron King

Founder and CEO
of Snapdocs
Contributing Editor atNational Mortgage News

Danielle Fugazy

Contributing Editor at
National Mortgage News