Choosing an eClosing Solution: A Lender’s Roadmap to Picking the Right Partner


Don’t jeopardize your ability to successfully adopt digital closings.

With more digital closing solutions available than ever, where do lenders start? It can be overwhelming and confusing when every solution claims to offer the same benefits and value. On the surface, they all look similar. However, once you start digging in, you’ll uncover critical differences that can directly impact the success or failure of digital closings within your organization.

You don’t want to miss this informative, actionable session that will clarify the differences between eClosing solutions on the market, provide guidance on how to evaluate vendors, and give you the tools and knowledge necessary to set your team up for success when selecting a vendor.

What you’ll learn

  • How to differentiate different types of digital closing technologies
  • What lenders must have in a digital closing platform
  • The questions that lenders need to ask eClosing vendors when evaluating them
  • How KS StateBank evaluated and selected a digital closing solution
  • How KS StateBank involved internal and external stakeholders in the evaluation process

Watch the on-demand webinar.


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Residential Mortgage Systems
Project Manager at KS StateBank
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