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You've worked hard to stand out in your field. Grow Your Notary Business

When a company searches the Snapdocs notary database, our search algorithm returns a list of our top signing agents. If you complete your notary profile and follow the tips below, you can be connected with new signing services and title companies and earn more signing opportunities.


Complete Your Profile

Here at Snapdocs, you’re not just a name and number on a search engine queue. You are a qualified notary who lets his or her experience do the talking. So post a photo, add a bio, and include your fluent languages.

Notaries with pictures are far more likely to be chosen by title and escrow agents and signing services because photos provide a sense of security and confidence in the notaries representing them at the loan closings. For these reasons, Snapdocs ranks notary profiles with a picture higher than those without.

Personalizing your profile helps clients and businesses feel more connected with you. It also makes you more likely to be returned at the top of our search results.

We also recommend making your profile public, which will allow people to find you in Google searches.


Complete Orders Through Snapdocs

The more often you use Snapdocs, the more visible your profile will become. Simple right? Even if a signing order doesn’t come through the Snapdocs title, escrow and signing service network, you can create new orders for each independent signing that will be reflected on your dashboard. You will be able to manage all of your signings in one place and increase your order count.


Become a “Favorite” Notary

Life rewards those who go above and beyond. And here at Snapdocs, we think notaries who deliver exceptional experiences for borrowers and companies are something to be proud of. That’s why we have created the “favorite” notary feature.

Title, escrow and signing service companies will always see their “favorites” ranked at the top of their search results. You can earn a company’s trust through clear, reliable communication, unparalleled professionalism and anticipating the needs of borrowers. Making the loan signing process a positive experience will drive more loan signings your way.

In addition to helping you get more signings, Snapdocs also helps you manage the workflow of your notary business. You can track signings, check the status of payments, securely receive signing documents and manage all loan closings on one central platform.

Tired of scanning, faxing and emailing your notary documents over-and-over to the companies you work with? Snapdocs provides a more convenient way for you to share this information with companies. You can upload your W-9, notary bond, E & O insurance, background check, NNA certification and driver’s license once to your profile, making these documents available to companies only once you’ve decided to work with each other.

This is a great timesaver, but also a more secure way to transfer sensitive information, such as social security numbers. Snapdocs has changed the document exchange process from an annoying headache, to a simple and secure transfer.

The best part is that Snapdocs is completely free for notaries. Other notary software can be costly, without driving new business your way. Following these steps will put your Snapdocs profile front and center; ensuring that you are introduced to new signing services and title companies more often.

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