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Get a complimentary assessment of the e-Eligibility of your loan portfolio

Strengthen your digital closings plan with our complimentary e-Eligibility assessment. Fill out the form and a solutions specialist will be in touch to start a complimentary analysis of your loan portfolio.

This assessment includes:

  • A breakdown of your entire loan portfolio that will help you determine how digitized each loan can be
  • A roadmap and business case for scaling your closing strategy
  • Expert recommendations on how to apply the assessment to your organization

Get a complimentary e-Eligibility Assessment

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The 5 Rs of e-Eligibility for Mortgage Closings

Optimize your digital mortgage closings by effectively managing policies, partners, regulations, and other key issues. Get the guide.

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In the eBook:

Adapting to industry trends

See how the mortgage industry has changed and what it means for your mortgage closings.

Managing partners and regulators

Learn about the five key factors of digitizing your loan portfolio, e-Eligibility, and how to account for them within your organization.

Taking your closings to the next level

Get practical guidance on how to scale your organization’s digital closings roadmap.

Digital closing eligibility, simplified.

Get operations and compliance guidance that will enable you to expand your digital loan closings.

Camelia Martin, Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs at Snapdocs, breaks down the Spectrum of Closing Eligibility at the 2021 Mortgage Innovators Conference.

Digital closings are the future of mortgage, but how do you know if your loans can be digitized?

Consider these five factors when determining the digitization of each loan.

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County Land Recording

eRecording Acceptance by public land records

Group 182

Counterparty Requirements

Counterparty Acceptance of eNotes and other signed docs

Group 183

Title Underwriter Requirements for Insurance and Permitting

With digitally validated packages, loan processors aren’t wasting time chasing down errors, lost docs, and missing signatures.

Group 184

Settlement Readiness

Settlement Agent adoption of digital closings

Group 185

eNotarization Regulation

State-Specific eNotarization requirements

Your loan portfolio is a complex puzzle

Our complimentary assessment analyzes each of the 5 Rs of e-Eligibility, and will tell you exactly how digital your mortgage closings can be.

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Build your roadmap for digital closing success

Get industry expertise on the key factors that make your loan closings eligible for digitization with a complimentary assessment of your loan portfolio.