What’s next for the mortgage industry? Here’s what to expect.

The future of mortgage closings is digital. And the future is now.

As mortgage lenders move on from an unprecedented year, many are asking “what’s next?” With interest rates going up and inventory remaining low, they can’t afford to stay stuck in the past: the majority expect profit margins to shrink.

Today, Snapdocs is helping more lenders eClose than ever before.
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The 3,000,000+ loans we’ll process this year will have at least one digital component. Here’s how our customers are benefiting:
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Better borrower experience

The more a lender digitizes a loan package, the less time it takes for the borrower to sign. Ideally, borrowers sign from their own home.

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Lower lending costs

Physical documents take days to process, driving up warehouse lending costs. Contrastingly, lenders are processing eNotes within the same day it was signed, funding loans more quickly.

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Greater operational efficiencies

With digitally validated packages, loan processors aren’t wasting time chasing down errors, lost docs, and missing signatures.

“We’re already seeing our ‘hybrid as default’ offering become a competitive advantage. It’s still a nice surprise for some once they’ve chosen Waterstone Mortgage as their partner, but borrowers now seek us out because of it.”

Tom Knapp, CIO of Waterstone Mortgage

The future of mortgage closings is digital. And that future is now.

With one process for every closing–wet, hybrid, and full eClose–Snapdocs can get you started today. When you’re ready, we’ll help you deliver the digital closing borrowers have come to expect, featuring eSign, eNote, and remote online notarization (RON).

Throughout the summer, we’ll be talking about the future of mortgage closings

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MAY 10th, 2021

Hear from MBA’s Chief Economist and Snapdocs CEO Aaron King About the Future of the Mortgage Industry

After an unprecedented year, what’s next? Snapdocs CEO Aaron King will join Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Michael Fratantoni in discussing the future of the mortgage industry.

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Get Inspired by Future-forward Lender Assurance Financial

Assurance Financial Chief Digital Officer Katherine Cambpell is leading a digital transformation:

“The ultimate goal is a complete end-to-end digital solution for the borrower. Snapdocs has helped us make significant improvements to the borrower’s experience, expanding beyond a digital point of sale to using eVault to sign the note. There’s very little of the closing left that requires a wet-sign.”

– Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer, Assurance Financial

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Read Up on RON

Remote online notarization is key to improving the mortgage closing for all participants, including making it more convenient, cost-effective, accurate, efficient, and secure. Read our guide Remote Online Notarization 101 to learn why it matters, how it works, and what you should do next.