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Your Lender’s Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Closing Solution

Evaluating eClosing technology? Get the facts fast, with this comprehensive buying guide.

Your Closers are Racing to Keep Pace

Mortgage volumes are up and your closers are racing to keep pace. You need the facts on digital closings (and fast).

For lenders sprinting to digitize their closings, we’ve written this comprehensive guide to selecting the right digital closing solution. You’ll learn what a successful digital closing program looks like and the real-world results, as told by industry leading analysts and Snapdocs clients. You’ll also get a framework for categorizing solutions and understanding their differences, actionable lists, and advice from lenders who have been in your shoes.


What’s in the Book


How to Define Digital Closing Success

Learn the key benefits of digitizing closings to accelerate your business case


Why Digital Closing Initiatives Fail

Avoid processing, settlement, and scaling pitfalls that stop a digitizing sprint in its tracks


Different Types of Digital Closing Technology

Get a framework for the three main categories of digital closing technologies and avoid imposters


What to Look For in Digital Closing Technology

Understand the 5 key elements of closing technology and get a checklist of criteria for evaluating systems


“When we first started looking at eClosing capabilities, I realized that it was a bigger need for the whole digital solution, where it wasn’t just about eSigning, but it was also about the workflow around that.”

Jan Valencia, Residential Mortgage Systems Project Manager at KS StateBank

Snapdocs Sprint

Having implemented digital closing programs for leading mortgage lenders, we know what it takes to start fast. So we started Snapdocs Sprint: a costless service for lenders who are racing to digitize closings. Whether for a trial run or for your whole loan volume, we’ll get you up-to-speed on our eClosing solution.


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